SIVAs satsing på kvinnelige gründere

About Kvinnovasjon

Innovation. Creativity. Entrepreneurship. Know-how. Motivation. Enthusiasm. Inspiration. Women. All over Norway there is a multitude of activities with these key words as a common denominator. 28 business development communities are pursuing the same goal: To mobilize and motivate women to start their own businesses.

In 2006, 32 percent of all new businesses in Norway were established by women. Women’s enterprises often differ from men’s by being low-risk sole proprietorships targeting local markets, and by having modest growth ambitions. Compared to men, women are also generally more hesitant to establishing a business of their own. Kvinnovasjon aims to change this. We want to instil female entrepreneurs with the inspiration, motivation and competence they need to make their dreams come true. Kvinnovasjon will boost ambition among women who set up their own businesses.

Through activities such as networking, mentoring, competence development, and profiling, and through this one-stop portal, the business parks will give aspiring entrepreneurs the guts they need to go into the world and be tough and innovative businesswomen. Kvinnovasjon.no is an arena where both established and prospective businesswomen can meet. We will bring you success stories, news from relevant arrangements all over the country, and practical business information that can be both inspiring and useful.

Selskapet for Industrivekst (SIVA) – an organization facilitating industrial growth – is the coordinator behind this effort to promote and support women’s business development. The project will be running for three years, from 2006 to 2008, and is carried out in close cooperation with Innovasjon Norge, the county municipalities and several other parties.

View our list of contacts in business parks which focus on women and business development.

Elisabeth Breien Ellingsen
Editor and Media Coordinator
E-mail: redaksjonen@kvinnovasjon.no
Phone: (+47) 95 29 02 17